dimanche, août 28, 2005

Benoit XVI contre le "nouveau barbarisme"

Le 21 août dernier dans le Times, des propos récents du pape Benoit XVI sont rapportés par le journaliste Chris Johnston. Le successeur de Jean-Paul II condamne fermement le terrorisme islamiste, ce "nouveau barbarisme", et exhorte les représentants de l'Islam à prendre conscience de la "grande responsabilité" qu'ils portent envers les jeunes générations.

Terrorism of any kind is a perverse and cruel decision, which shows contempt for the sacred right to life and undermines the very foundations of all civil society,” he told leaders of Germany’s Muslim communities.

He also reminded Islamic teachers of the role they played. “Words are highly influential in the education of the mind,” he said. “You therefore have a great responsibility for the formation of the younger generation.
L'Associated Press rapporte également l'événement:

In his meeting with Muslim leaders, Benedict also alluded to another of his themes — the need for reciprocity in religious freedom for Christians and other minorities in some Islamic countries. He didn't name any but said the defense of religious freedom "is a permanent imperative and respect for minorities is a clear sign of true civilization."

Via l'AKI, on apprend qu'un membre d'un forum internet proche d'Al-Quaïda commenta l'événement:

"The Vatican, which is nothing but a government placed within a building, has moved to support the Christian side of the countries in the world, and if possible, the Catholic side. The tendency of the Vatican was not to take part in the numerous wars there have been."

"Many of the children of Islam have signed themselves up to the ranks of those who fight terrorism, with sincerity, following what the 'governors', 'ulema' or intellectuals say through the media and following the speeches of George Bush, Berlusconi and Tony Blair, and the majority of the Muslim governments," it continues.

La dépêche de l'AKI s'achevant ainsi:

It is the first time the Vatican and the Pope have been identified as an integral part of the Western coalition fighting Islamic terrorism in a forum close to the al-Qaeda network. The message appears to put the Catholic Church and Vatican City firmly among the potential targets of the Jihadists.

- Lafronde